About Tides Records

Tides Records was dreamt up late last century (circa 1997) as a business front for the band RANE. Tides Records functioned as a record label, booking agency, management, graphics design house, recording studio and loony bin for the past 10 years. The initial partners in organizing Tides Records came armed with degrees from Berklee College of Music, The Hartt School of Music, UMass Amherst, UConn and beyond.

Currently, Tides Records serves as virtual crossroads for its original organizing partners. Whether it be a music instructor, event coordinator, sound engineer, record producer, touring sound guy or road manager, Tides Records serves as a root for each.

Past members of the Tides Records family include: Bowman, Alan Veniscofsky, Dan Prindle, Kurt Rinaldi, Greg Pastor, Travis LaMothe, Bruce Menard, David Griffin, Wade Wilby, Brendan Twitchell, Mark Nowak, Brian Lee, Justin Novick, Alexis Wiselman, Tom Sadlowski, Rick Clair and Bryan Kelly.